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Welcome to House of Bread Ministry
House of Bread Ministry is the ministry expression of Ted J. Hanson.

House of Bread Purpose:
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House of Bread ministry seeks the Lordship and direction of Jesus Christ in equipping the saints for the work of ministry and in developing the maturation of the body of Christ throughout the world.

House of Bread Ministry provides prophetic input and apostolic oversight, direction, instruction and input, wherever received as such in the Body of Christ. That apostolic role serves each local church government and operates out of relationship and relational accountability.


Christ Life Training is part of House of Bread Ministry. This is a ministry training school equipping the generations to bring New Covenant life and grace to the world.

Our next Christ Life Training session is
July 6, 2016 - October 2 2016.

Experience the presence of God, the power of God and intimacy with God in a way you have not known.


House of Bread Ministry provides Christian publications to aid in the maturation of the Body of Christ throughout the world. This is made possible by House of Bread Publishing, the publishing arm of the House of Bread.

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Our vision is to serve the Body of Christ as a Resource Center.

Our goal is "To Distribute Living Bread to the Nations".
Ted J. Hanson is a part of an apostolic network known as
Reformation International Ministries (RIM).

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House of Bread - 3210 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA. 98225 - Phone (360) 733-3993

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